How to Grow Sprouts at Home



  1. To begin to grow; shoot forth, as a plant from a seed
  2. To develop and grow

I can’t think of anything better to do on the first day of a new year than to grow sprouts!!

Sprouts have a unique crunchy bite and crisp grassy flavor that blends effortlessly on this Veggie Bagel layered with  red peppers, tomatoes and rich avocado slices and hummus.

Sprouting Seeds at Home:

Start with about 1/8 cup of alfalfa or red clover seeds …

DSC_0445 (3)

A mason jar with metal rings and cheese cloth or fine wire mesh…

DSC_0994 (2)DSC_0504

Fill the jar with water at least ¾ full and soak the seeds overnight for at least 4 hours.

Turn the jar over to drain out the water. Rinse and drain again. This step is perfect for little ones who love to dump water.

Water the seeds everyday for 4 days.


You will begin to see little white shoots…


The best part about growing sprouts is when you wake up on the third morning and they have a tiny green bud.

green sprouts (2)

They need at least one more day to fully develop and shed their brown husks.


Once the sprouts are ready, rinse them thoroughly to remove the brown husks.

Store in an airtight container in the fridge for a few days.