Simplified Halloween Decor

homemade halloween decoration

My daughter loves all those sparkly- glittery Styrofoam pumpkins in the stores.

But my inner environmentalist only sees a heap of plastic that has to be packed up and stored somewhere for the other 11 months of the year.

Store- bought- sparkly- pumpkin- request: denied.

She didn’t throw a fit.

she didn’t beg.

she didn’t cry.

She got creative.

She made a beeline for her art supplies and made one herself out of a real pumpkin that will eventually decompose back into the earth.  (Whew)

Along with a hearty dose of glitter.

My 5 year old can’t type yet, but if she could this would be her Sparkly Pumpkin Making Tutorial:

You just paint the pumpkin your favorite color, then you hold it by the stem and sprinkle the glitter all over everywhere.

But make sure you sprinkle glitter on a piece of big paper so it doesn’t get on the floor.

Easy Halloween Decoration

I am shedding tears of pride.


Up-cycled Picture Frames- A New Way to Display Kids Artwork

My husband and I made a pact when we bought our first house that we would never clutter up our refrigerator with piles of kids artwork.  We lived happily with our shiny polished fridge up until my daughter turned 3. Then it happened. The first day of Preschool. She leaves the house in the morning with a (hopefully) clean shirt and a grin and returns home with a stained shirt and a bag of art projects that she wants to display on the fridge.

I simply cannot deny my 3-year-old the proud honor of having her artwork displayed on the fridge. So now every time I open the fridge, which totals about 187 times a day, paintings of rainbows and butterflies fly across the kitchen. Not one square inch of refrigerator remains visible. Only by sheer memory am I able to locate the door handle to open it.

A few weeks ago, my mom passed down a pile of old wooden picture frames that were stacked in the attic. Now, they are a functional alternative to display the kids artwork. And now I can open and close the fridge 187 times a day without rainbow paintings fluttering across the room.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Large wooden picture frame (Base of frame must be made out of wood)

Eye hook screws (at least 4)

Paint & paintbrush

Clothespins or paper clips

Kitchen twine or mason string


Step 1. Prep frame. Remove glass and picture. If there are staples along the inside of the frame, remove them with pliers.

Step 2. Paint frame. Be sure to turn the frame over and paint the inside edge, where the staples were removed. This piece will be visible when completed.

Step 3. Screw eye-hooks on both sides of the frame. Depending on the size of your frame, you can make several rows.

Step 4. String your twine through the eye hook and tie at the opposite end.







Once completed, hang artwork, birthday cards, holiday cards or invitations up with clothespins or paperclips.

 Now open your fridge. Isn’t that better?






5 Fun Ideas for Decorating with Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are an inexpensive, whimsical way to brighten up a party or a room. All you need is colorful tissue paper, scissors, and some string.

Try these 5 fun ways to decorate your home or your next party with paper flowers:

1. Tie a few flowers on sticks collected from the backyard, then tuck them in a recycled bottle or mason jar. This blue and green paper flower centerpieces graced the tables of my nephew’s baby shower.

Baby Boy Shower Centerpiece

2. Tie them on an embroidery hoop and hang them from the ceiling. This would be super cute as a mobile for a baby nursery or a girl’s room.

3. Greet your guests in style by pairing some flowers with these cute fabric birds perched a on a wreath.

4. Make wallflowers! These are embroidery hoops covered with bright fabrics, and a paper flower stitched in the middle. Arrange a bunch of them in different sizes and colors on a large wall for a really unique decor.

5. Paper Flowers are perfect gift toppers! These look so cute and classic when paired with simple Kraft or white boxes.

If none of these ideas suit your fancy, put one on your head and call it a day!!

Don’t know how to make paper flowers? Check back next week for a quick tutorial!