Simplified Halloween Decor

homemade halloween decoration

My daughter loves all those sparkly- glittery Styrofoam pumpkins in the stores.

But my inner environmentalist only sees a heap of plastic that has to be packed up and stored somewhere for the other 11 months of the year.

Store- bought- sparkly- pumpkin- request: denied.

She didn’t throw a fit.

she didn’t beg.

she didn’t cry.

She got creative.

She made a beeline for her art supplies and made one herself out of a real pumpkin that will eventually decompose back into the earth.  (Whew)

Along with a hearty dose of glitter.

My 5 year old can’t type yet, but if she could this would be her Sparkly Pumpkin Making Tutorial:

You just paint the pumpkin your favorite color, then you hold it by the stem and sprinkle the glitter all over everywhere.

But make sure you sprinkle glitter on a piece of big paper so it doesn’t get on the floor.

Easy Halloween Decoration

I am shedding tears of pride.


3 thoughts on “Simplified Halloween Decor

  1. Hi, Anne– I love this idea! It’s exactly the kind of thing my daughter-in-law looks for, to do with my granddaughters and her day-care kids. I’m going to let her know she’ll want to subscribe to your blog.

    I found you because I searched pumpkin crafts on wordpress. I do a monthly blogger’s community post, and am hoping you’ll allow me to showcase you in my upcoming “pumpkin party” post (I love your environmental awareness!) I was looking for a pumpkin craft to balance out the post…

    What I’d like to do is take a screen shot of your photo, introduce you to readers along with a four other bloggers and link to your blog (it’s my personal version of a blog roll–but I put it center stage instead of off to the side). Would you agree to that?

    You can see my last “community” post here:

    and if you’d like to be included, please simply email me at tracyleekarner (at) gmail (dot) com, with a link to this post. I’ll take care of the rest, and let you know when it posts. I’m looking forward to seeing future posts from you. You’ve got a great format!

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