Imagine: Upcycled Wall Art

I love things that have a well-worn vintage vibe, things that have a story to tell.

Having said that, I have a craft-related confession to make. I had good intentions to create a shabby chic kind of effect using a stain and a textured glaze for this Upcycled Wall Art Project.

Then, I left it out in the rain after I painted the first coat.

Although initially upset by the thought that my absent-mindedness ruined my project, it reminded me that fancy paints are not needed to create beautiful art. Sometimes you just need time and Mother Nature to do their thing.

P.S: I made this project completely out of things I found in my basement.

Here’s what you will need:

Piece of scrap wood; I used a ¾” x 3” piece of wood and cut it up into 9 (7” long) planks

(Have you ever used a miter saw? It was the first borderline deadly power tool I have ever used and I fell in love immediately. )

One piece of thin wood for mounting the planks (I used a piece of thin plywood measuring 4”x 12”)

Wood glue

Staple gun

Letter stencils. (you can use store-bought letter stencils or blow them up and print them out on your computer)

Thin sheet of cork (can be found at Michael’s or Target for under $2)

What to do:

First, lay out your planks on a flat work surface. Arrange the mounting board on top, ensuring that it fits across all the planks. Start gluing the planks to the mounting board. Weight them down with a large heavy object for a few hours until it dries.

Paint the planks and mounting board.

(Leaving them out in the rain is an optional, but completely free and easy way to weather the wood )

While the planks dry, stencil or trace the letters onto the cork.

Tip: stencil the letters backwards, as shown in the photo below. If you stencil them the “right” way, you may have visible pencil lines after you cut out the letters, which looks sloppy. Trust me, I tried it. It’s not pretty.

Next, cut out the cork letters and arrange them on the wood planks.

Start gluing them down. I used wood glue, so I had to put weights on each letter. Hot glue would probably work better here, if you have it.

Now you can hang your artwork on a wall or lean it on a ledge and every time you walk by, imagine all the great and wonderful things you will do in your life.


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