Outside the box, and off the shelf- Upcycling with shelf paper

I never knew the wonders of shelf paper until I unraveled my first roll last week. I was on a mission to convert my collection of empty diaper boxes into functional storage. I tried painting them and covering them in fabric, both of which were labor intensive and yield mediocre results.

Shelf paper, on the other hand comes equipped with an adhesive backing for effortless application.  The laminated surface is durable and easily cleaned. So in less than an hour, and for less than 5 dollars, I organized my closet with upcylced storage boxes and used the scrap pieces for some decorating projects.


This bland LACK side table from ikea was calling out for some visual interest, and a strip of geometric shelf paper was the perfect fit.

A piece of scrap wood was covered in shelf paper and a few cabinet knobs. When paired with mini galvanized pots, it is perfect for organizing keys, iPods and phones.

This is an easy DIY wall art project. Print out a favorite quote on cardstock and cover the mat with shelf paper or fabric.




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