Garlic Scape Pesto

garlic scapes

That mysterious curly green vegetable is back in the farmers markets again. Garlic scapes only make an appearance for a few weeks every year and they would never, ever show their curls in a supermarket. Which is probably why they are adorded by garlic aficionado’s everywhere. (Myself included)

Garlic scape Pesto is a great method for preserving the unique flavor of scapes. Since I don’t eat pasta, I slather garlic scape pesto on everything I can find. Here’s a few great places to add garlic scape pesto:

White pizza: pair garlic scape pesto with ricotta cheese and mozzarella

Hummus- add in garlic scape pesto with the pureed chic peas.

Frittatas- add a spoonful to frittatas or scambled eggs

Marinade for grilled veggies & meat: Mix a spoonful of garlic scape pesto with olive oil for a flavorful marinade.

Or use it as a dipping oil for a nice appetizer. It makes an impressive presentation for dinner parties, and it’s so easy to prepare. Just stir a few spoonfuls of pesto with about a quarter cup of olive oil and serve with a baguette, sliced radishes, a hunk of asiago or parmesean and whatever other veggies you can find.

garlic scape pesto platter


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