Handmade Accordian Photo Book

Here is a really beautiful accordion style picture book. This is a perfect gift for mom’s or grandparents. With a little advanced planning, kids can help make this book, too.

Supplies for one 4x 6 Book

X-acto knife or paper-cutter


Bonefolder or old credit card



Mat board

Supplies for making accordion book




1.For a 4×6 picture book, cut 2 pieces of 4×6 mat board or illustration board. If you are using 5 x 7 or larger, use those dimensions.

2.For the pages, cut out two 10 x 6 pieces. Next cut out six 8 ½ x 6 pieces.

3.The 10” x 6” pieces will have a 2” piece that will tuck into the cover. Make a fold 2” from the edge of the paper. Next, make a fold 6” in from the edge. You should end up with two 4” rectangles and one 2” rectangle. See the following template for a visual:

4.Next, cut the 8 ½” x 6” size paper. Make a fold ½ “from the edge, then 4 ½” in from the edge, ending up with a ½” rectangle, and two 4 “rectangles.

The two 2” folds will be tucked into the front and back covers.

The ½ “strip will bind the pages together to form one long accordion like book.

Glue the 1/2″ strip to the back of the next page.

Continue glueing all the pages together until you have one long accordion like page. My pages are very uneven, and I hope that you do a better job of measuring than I did. If all the pages are the same size, it makes the book look much more polished.

The two pieces with the 2″ flap should be on both ends. (Like the above picture).

Tuck this flap into the covers. You can glue it if you want to ensure it stays in its place.

Now, take your little scrap of paper and fold it like this:

This little piece of paper is going to bind all of your pages together to create a nice little book.

The finished book will look something like this, except it will be filled with beautiful photos and kind memories.




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