Homemade Gift Idea for Mother’s Day

homemade spa gift for mom

pretty soaps paired with soft terrycloths

Last week I made a big beautiful batch of fresh clean soap. I tried it this week and it was amazing! The satisfaction of making things from scratch is just as rejuvenating as the soap itself. Since I love to share my creations with my friends and family, I bundled the soaps up in pretty scrapbook paper, added a few nice wash cloths and tucked them in a little box. This would be a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. I know there are some folks out there who just don’t appreciate the hand crafted gifts idea, but there is one person who always will. A mom. A mom will always love and appreciate a handmade gift no matter how old you are. That’s the most amazing thing about moms. They love you and all your crazy ideas no matter what.

Great Homemade Mother's Day Gift

If you don’t have a large batch of homemade soap, you can always buy a nice bar at your local farmers market and wrap it up in pretty scrap-book paper or fabric. This would also be a nice gift for a new baby/mom. I love gifts like this because they don’t break the bank, but they show you took the time to wrap it nicely, rather than stuffing it into a gift bag, which I am so over.


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