For years I have been complaining about my lack of a lawn.  I live in a community of townhomes, where anything but neatly manicured sod is taboo. The “mowers”, aka landscapers, come every week and mow our little 12 x 12 patch of grass down to a little green stubble. It seems to me like an awful lot of work to tend to a little patch of grass that is pretty much useless. I always thought that once I move to a big beautiful farm house with acres of land where I can plant fruit trees and have a chicken coup and spend my mornings in the garden… that’s when I’ll start my dream garden. But hey, why not get some practice now?

Shortly following this revelation that I should start my garden immediately, I just happen to stumble on this great resource,

I have grown the basic tomato and zucchini plants in the past, but this year I am going to go all out and start working toward my dream of having a real productive garden.

On the site, I plugged all my info in: my zip code, my square footage of space, and how it is laid out, then picked the plants I want to grow. Magically, the site plans your whole garden out and even sends weekly reminders on how to take care of it! Of course, the grunt work of weeding, watering and caring for the garden can’t be done by a computer… so that is up to me.

Since I have to share my little green patch of grass with an army of colorful bikes, trikes and big wheels, it is only a matter of time before a toddler on a big wheel ends up in the middle of a tomato patch. So I found this: Raised Garden Beds! Hallelujah!

Check back tomorrow for the tutorial and pictures!


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